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50% off 1 bottle of DigestWise:

If you would like to continue on with just one months supply of DigestWise for now, we would be delighted to offer you 50% off your next bottle. If you select this option in the drop down box below, we'll send you a code that drops the price by 50% on Amazon.

The 50% code is limited to one bottle only.

[Best Value] 30% off 3 or More Bottles of DigestWise:

Like anything, consistency is key, so I encourage you to use this even better offer for 3 bottles instead, this will ensure uninterrupted usage for a further 3 months…

If you add three bottles to your cart on Amazon and use the code for this, you'll get 30% off all 3 bottles (it saves you an additional $9.48, compared to getting just 50% off your first bottle only).

By the way this code also works with more than 3 bottles, if you wanted say a 6-month supply, the 30% discount will apply to all 6.

Free 30-Day Supply of Flora Pro-Health Probiotics [In Return for Your Review]:

Flora Pro-Health is our top rated (over 1500 reviews), premium probiotic supplement. It provides over 30 Billion CFU (colony forming units) of good bacteria in every capsule. It's tested by an independent laboratory for strength and purity and is packed in unique blister compartments to lock in potency. Plus it's vegan, non-GMO, gluten and dairy free.

Would you like to take 30-days supply for free (we give you a special Amazon code, like before), all we ask is that you do exactly the same as what you did with DigestWise, try it out for 30 days and then write a review sharing your experiences?

If you'd like to do that, please add this to your selection below and we'll send you the code that makes it free.

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