Welcome to the Naturenetics Ambassador Program!
We're looking for amazing customers, like YOU to represent our brand.  As a Naturenetics Ambassador, we want to hear about your experience with HairAnew. We ask our Ambassadors to film a short video and take a selfie with the product. We'll then spread the word by sharing your content on our social channels and website. To say thank you, we’ll send you another tub of HairAnew completely free!
How it works
Follow the steps below to upload your content and claim your free HairAnew!
Create your content
Be sure to follow the guidlines!

Simply use your phone to create a video testimonial and take a selfie with the product. To ensure you're approved for a free product, please read and follow the guidelines below.

Upload your content
Upload your video and image 

Once you have created your video and image, fill out the Ambassador Form located at the bottom of this page and upload your content. Don't forget to give a written testimonial and star rating.

Get a free product!
Wait for approval on a free product

Once you have submitted your video and image, it will be reviewed by us. If your content is approved, you will be notified via email and sms and we will organise your free HairAnew! 

Follow the guidelines below to ensure you're approved...
Get set up!

Please ensure you are in a light-filled location so we can see you and the product clearly in your image / video. We suggest natural light, as it always looks best!

Don't forget to clean your phone camera lens to avoid the image / video looking blurry.

Test your audio to ensure it's clear.

For your video - please film in landscape from the waist or chest up. We suggest flipping the camera so you can see yourself, and mounting your phone against something so your hands are free.

For your image - please ensure you hold the product high so we can crop you and the product into a square. See the examples of women holding the product above.

Talk about the product

In your video, talk about the product and your experience with it.

What do you love about the product?  What positive results have you seen? How does it make YOU feel? Please focus on what you enjoy about the product - not what you don't like.


To start your video...

- Introduce yourself - "Hi, I'm Jen..."

- Introduce the product 'HairAnew by Naturenetics' (pronounced 'Nature-netics')

Key points (you don't have to mention every single one, these are just suggestions):

- HairAnew has over 9,000 reviews on Amazon!

- Formulated by experts with 11 specially selected ingredients to nourish your hair from the inside and provide the foundation for longer, stronger, healthier hair.

- Perfect for all hair types and colors.

- HairAnew is sugar-free, contains no animal products – it’s completely vegan/vegetarian. It’s also non-GMO, free of gluten, tested for allergens, and absolutely never tested on animals.

- Every batch of HairAnew is tested by 6 independent laboratories. These tests prove the product is safe and has the full amount of all hair-supporting ingredients in every capsule!

As mentioned, please weave in why you love it and how it makes you feel!

Important things to avoid...

Please don't make any disease or medical based claims (e.g. this cured my 'x' disease, this helped after my operation for 'x') as these are not permitted and we will not be able to approve your video. Please just focus on the key information outlined above.

Please don't showcase other products in your video besides HairAnew.

Have fun!

Have fun with your photo and video. Aim for light and cheerful, nothing too serious. Be your natural, authentic self! 

Need a video example?
When you're ready, click the button below to fill our your details and submit your selfie and video!

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