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Probiotics Supplement

Why do you need Probiotics?

The normal human gastrointestinal tract contains hundreds of different species of bacteria, referred to as intestinal flora. This flora helps facilitate digestion, create vitamins and nutrients, train our immune system, regulate the development of our gut, prevent growth of pathogens (harmful microorganisms) and defends against diseases.

Some bacteria in the digestive tract can also have harmful properties. A major factor in health is the balance between the health promoting and harmful bacteria.

Studies have shown that good intestinal flora can be severely disrupted by antibiotics, poor diet, exposure to toxins, poor digestion, stress, and more.

Harmful bacteria can produce toxins and carcinogens that have been implicated in a number of serious conditions as well as every day ailments like diarrhea, weak immune system, low energy and mental & emotional well being.

Probiotics are a culture of “good” bacteria

Probiotics work by re-colonizing the small intestine and crowding out disease-carrying bacteria, thereby restoring balance to the intestinal flora.

Why Flora Pro-Health by Naturenetics?

Flora Pro-Health contains a potent blend of 5 probiotic strains delivering a powerful 30 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) of “good bacteria”. This double or triple many products on the market.

Independent laboratory tests in 2009 found 11 out of 13 probiotics tested were far weaker than they claimed on their label, in 2013 only 14 out of 19 passed. We take the guesswork away. Every one of our batches is tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory and our test results are published on this product page (see images).

Plus you’re covered a full Money Back Guarantee.

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