Project Description

Garcinia Render HR

Garcinia Cambogia is:

A highly effective natural weight loss supplement, derived from a small pumpkin shape fruit grown naturally in SE Asia and India.

Clinical studies have found Garcinia to:

– Increase weight loss by up to 3 times more than diet and exercise alone
– Inhibit the production of fat and increase lean muscle mass
– Suppress appetite
– Improve sleep and mood
– Decrease bad cholesterol
– Be safe and effective with no side effects

Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia blocks the enzyme in the liver (ATP Citrate lyase) that converts sugar and carbohydrates to fat, and instead converts it to energy which you can burn.

Increased glycogen signals the satiety center of the brain leading to a feeling of ‘fullness’, helping suppress appetite.

But don’t waste your money…

After researching the market with manufacturers, raw material providers and third party testing labs, we found that many of the products available have up to 90% less HCA (the active weight loss ingredient) then they claim, as well as fillers and binders when they claim not to.

Why we’re different…

We are proud to offer one of the strongest, purest Garcinia Cambogia products on the market.

And to prove it, we are the only company to provide independent third party test results, which show you get full strength Garcinia Cambogia proven to be 60% HCA, proven to be free of fillers and binders and proven to be vegetarian capsules.

Not only that but you are also covered by the Naturenetics “No Change, No Charge” 100% Money Back Guarantee